Mustard Seed Groups of Chicago


Come to the Mustard Seed 5:45 pm meetings Monday thru Friday, 5 days/week

The Mustard Seed of Chicago has 63 meetings and is open 7 days a week from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm (11:00 pm on Friday & Saturday) . 

We have Great 5:45 pm meetings Monday thru Friday.

Monday: Drop the Rock Group (steps 6 & 7)
Tuesday: The Steps We Took ( Joe McQ )
Wednesday: Steps & Traditions ( Study & Discussion)
Thursday: Speaker Meeting
Friday: Beginners Meeting 12&12 - Steps 1,2 and 3

Please come join us at these great evening meetings

The Thursday Pacific Group at The Mustard Seed on Thursdays at 8:00 pm

Please join the Thursday Night Pacific Group at the Mustard Seed of Chicago,  Come on Thursday at 8:00 pm. They will have their regular meetings with all the high energy and sharing of quality experience strength & hope...

The Mustard Seed
507 W North Ave.
(North Ave. & Cleveland Ave)
Chicago Il 60610
312 664 6856..

Free parking in the rear. WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU THERE.....

The Mustard Seed Presents an 2020 AA & Al-Anon Open Meeting

Join the Mustard Seed as we present a AA & Alanon open meeting on every last Saturday of the month for the year 2020.. The time :6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.
Bring your family, friends and love ones to hear these Alanon & AA members share their experience, strength and hope.
The Mustard Seed is grateful for the Alanon group joining the Mustard Seed in this great event.
for more information, call the Mustard Seed at 312 664 6856

NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meeting is at the Mustard Seed every Saturday

Join us at our NA meeting at the Mustard Seed every Saturday at 8 pm. Come hear these members share how they recover.

CA (Cocaine Anonymous) meeting is at the Mustard Seed every Saturday

The Illinois Area Cocaine Anonymous at the Mustard Seed of Chicago every Saturday. Time 11 am to 12 pm in the lower level.
Come here these members share their experience strength and hope

All are welcome.

Free parking in the rear

GSR Meetings

The GSR meeting is your chance to get involved in service work. Consider contacting the Area Service Assembly (CASA) of AA at 312.346.5477 for additional service opportunities.